about Silke



Here are a few words about myself

I studied art sciences. I specialized in theatre and media with a minor degree in literature. My personal passion brought me to the field of contemporary visual art.

I focus primarily on the human dimension within the arts. More specifically within the educational field and with an emphasis on children and young people.

Over the past ten years I gained experience in areas such as: art mediation and -education, community building and -participation, identity- and talent development, creativity- and innovation processes, audience analysis and -segmentation, …

I worked with a diversity of target groups (refugees, families, pupils, toddlers, students, local residents, international artists, etc.) in contexts such as schools, child care, asylum centers, neighborhood projects, youth and cultural centers, museums and festivals. Always within a wide range of art disciplines and methods.

In many of these occasions art was used as an initiator, as an agent, as conduction. And in many of these occasions I observed positive effects on an individual, bilateral and multilateral level. Effects that go broader than learning about art or even learning through art…

I strongly believe in the far-reaching power of art and creativity and aspire to continuously deepen my insight in the effects of this within the personal space and development of humans and their surroundings.