The New Humanism project at the 3rd International Non Monogamies and Contemporary Intimacies Conference in Barcelona

The New Humanism project in Barcelona, cracking ideas about contemporary intimacies.

Our modern methods and overcodes of social and political life may be seen as signs of social, political and even moral progress, given that they are the results of historical emancipatory struggles away from the often brutal oppressions by the pre-modern elites of emperors and priests, but in essence they are not designed to cope with the complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity of that life. Although each of them has its own history, one could almost say their common feature is that they were rather designed to escape confrontation with that complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity.

And that is also true for our modern view on the love relationship, which is still traditionally understood as the monogamous relationship. We can understand that this modern relationship is as much a construction meant to help people to resist lust and curiosity and to streamline doubt about feelings as it is the materialisation of a ‘bond’ of love, but breakups, cheating, disapointment and pain seem to be basic consequences of that construction as much as feelings of belonging, security and joy…

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