Launch of the workshop series ‘Becoming Human in a Complex World’

What are the intellectual and ethical competences children need to develop in order to become (self)reflexive, caring and tolerant cosmopolitans or ‘citizens of the world’?

What kind of education could support and guide them in that becoming while they are exploring their own path of life?

Is there a need for a universal curriculum for ethical competence and, if so, what should it contain?

We launched the dialogue on these questions with a pilot workshop in New York on 27 September 2019 with the aim to organise follow-ups with people and organisations having a specific interest or role in education practice, theory or policy all over the world. The corona pandemic has put a temporary halt to that plan, but we came back, and are eager to continue the dialogue with you.

Read more here, and contact us if you are interested in organising a dialogue with us.

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